Meditation creations

//Meditation creations

Our Meditation candles are channeled and specifically created to use during meditation. You may burn when not meditating to alter the ambience and mood of your space.

  • manifestation candle


    11:11 is my absolute favorite candle blend. Inspired and channeled for Alison with manifestation energies. It is so delicious I had to make it available for all the master creator beings out there. A gorgeous blend with a smokey, incense type of scent. Light your candle and spend a few minutes setting your intention on that which you wish to manifest. Use visualization during your meditation. Get into the energy of already having your desires show up.  

    A truly magical blend of Nag Champa and combination of florals and musky scents. This candle will enhance your meditation and promote calmness and relaxation.  
  • Eros and Psyche
    Inspired by the beautiful love story of Eros & Psyche is a magical blend to arouse all senses sensual. It is a blend that promotes romance and self love. The scent blend is a sensual floral mix consisting of green leaf, lemon, grapefruit and persimmons.   See description for more information  
  • This awesome trio bundle includes  Protection. Prayer and Evil Eye scent blends. Burn around your house to cleanse dense energies. Bless each door and window for added protection. You may burn all three in different rooms. Amazing when used with prayer or your meditation practise. Gift pack contains three small candle jars which can be reused to burn votive candles.
  • Wisdom

    This uplifting and invigorating blend was the creation of my dear soul sister Sophy, who I call wisdom. Her gorgeous, inquisite and wise energy is reflected in this candle.    
  • Ying Yang

    Ying Yang promotes balance during times of confusion. It is a simple blend of herbal lavender and calming vanilla to promote calmness and focus.  

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